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SingularDTV Team Hits 50

SingularDTV Team Hits 50

by Zach LeBeau, CEO of SingularDTV

SingularDTV hired its 50th team member today. By the time our first applications launch we’ll probably be at 60. By the end of the year, 75.

Headquartered in Zurich, we have offices in New York, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Shanghai and Hong Kong. 35% of our employees are developers and 20% represent our newly created Contact Center crew. Our European and US team is 60% male. Our team in China, 70% female. Puerto Rico, 60% female. Hiring has been an organic process guided by the search for specific talent, experience and team dynamics.

SingularDTV China — Shanghai Office

Blockchain technology is all about “Decentralization”. Through it’s conceptualization as a movement, and its use as a computing system, decentralization promises to “level the playing field”. One of its main functions is to rearrange societal structures and keep centralized forces from becoming totalitarian, to horizontalize centralized power structures — the typical hierarchical top down command-and-control pyramids where very few at the top wield power and control over the very many below. It’s evident in the applications we’re launching that remove gatekeepers and intermediaries from the entertainment equation. It’s represented in who SingularDTV attracts as team members.

As we ready the launch of our first applications this year, we’ve been quietly establishing Contact Centers in Puerto Rico, Europe and China. The purpose of these Contact Centers is not only to process the technical support issues some users will encounter with our applications, but also to serve as blockchain/decentralization education centers to interested parties around the world. When “Tokit” launches, it will put the most secure, advanced and powerful Smart Contract System ever developed and deployed into the hands of anyone who wants to use it. Years of development and money put into something that any artist and creator can set-up in minutes and at little cost. Undoubtedly, there will be questions, similar to the 1990’s when interested minds sought to learn what a “url” was, or how to use “email”. Same thing again, but 25 years later and with decentralized applications — SingularDTV applications.

Blockchain technology — decentralization really — isn’t just a technological movement, it’s a paradigm shifting phenomenon. We look forward to updating you on the progress of our Contact Centers, exploring this new paradigm together and dedicating our time, energy and resources to developing tools that empower artists and creators.

Zach LeBeau, CEO of SingularDTV

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