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Digix FAQ

The recent surge in interest in Ethereum and Digix has been overwhelming and we would like to redirect any supporters of Digix to official sources of information so as to be better informed of our developmental progress. This represents a great opportunity for us to provide useful links and resources so that a newcomer can easily learn about what Digix has to offer to the ethereum ecosystem.

Once again, we are always very humbled and thankful for your support.

What are Digix Gold Tokens (DGX)?

1 DGX represent 1 gram of physical Gold bullion that are stored in the vaults here in Singapore, via Safehouse. More information about how DGX is created can be found in the original whitepaper that we have published here. (please note that some details may have changed in the ensuing developmental period)

As some public coverage may have mistaken DGD for DGX as the gold-backed currency, we would like to clarify that: (a) DGD is a different token, and (b) DGX 2.0 has not yet been released to the public market and is only slated for release by the end of Q1, as shown in our developmental roadmap and regular public updates so far.

What are the fees associated with DGX?

DGX has 2 fee features:

i) 0.13% of Transaction Fee charged per instance whenever a transaction takes place on the Ethereum Blockchain

ii) Daily Deductible Demurrage Fee amounting to 0.60% per annum. More information can be found here on our Knowledge Base.

What are DigixDAO Tokens (DGD)?

DGD, which denotes the Digix Decentralized Autonomous Organization, was set out back in March 2016, to promote a self-governing community that gives out grants to projects that commit to the development and growth of DGX and the Digix ecosystem as a whole.

We would like to emphasise further that DGD do not provide “passive income”, nor “dividends”, “rights to profits of the commission of DGX traded”.

Participants of DGD must vote on the tokens they have in the DAO mechanism to improve the Digix ecosystem. It is only upon successful voting that there are Digix rewards which can include DGX discounts or rebates amongst the other possible rewards in the Digix rewards shop.

Is DGD governance available yet?

Not yet, the tokens will give you the opportunity to vote on projects when the governance mechanism is in place. Further details will be provided after we launch our gold tokens, DGX, in Q1 2018.

Where can I find official and accredited announcements about Digix?

To date, our only approved sources of coverage and press release is via IBTimes UK and the Official Medium Blog of Digix.

Is there an FAQ page that you can point me to regarding information on the Company?

Please read more here at the knowledgebase. We will continue to update it periodically.

Any real-time community channels and lines that I can get access to, which are governed by the Official Digix Team?

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