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Digix Dev Update — 27th Feb 2018: UAT, UX Specialist, National University of Singapore Talk

Technical Developments

User Acceptance Testing for Digix Marketplace

The internal team has begun full swing into testing and finding ways to improve the Demo version of the marketplace that has already been deployed on kovan. Aspects ranging from user interface, functions, edge and error cases has been considered.

The Smart Contracts for our DGX product has been fully completed and we are tying up some loose ends on the physical operations part where bullion and banking are concerned.

We still plan to launch our marketplace for DGX end Q1 2018.

Business Developments

DigixDAO Clarification

We would like to stress again that the DigixDAO does not give dividends. We have observed an outpouring of interest into the various Digix projects and are again humbled and thankful for this support. We do note however that many Youtube videos and crypto enthusiasts are of the impression that the DigixDAO give out dividends. We would like to reiterate as we have done for the past few months that DigixDAO does not give out any dividends. There are explicitly no “dividends”, “interest”, “passive income” nor “rights to profit”.

Participants in the DigixDAO who hold DGD tokens actively vote, manage, and participate with their tokens in voting for projects that improves the Digix ecosystem. Through the voting mechanism on the smart contract with DGD tokens, Digix points are given which can be exchanged for Digix rewards. The pool of rewards would be funded from transaction and demurrage fees of DGX tokens.

The details will be revisited following the smooth launch of the DGX gold tokens as they are interrelated.

You can also read more about this on the previous two medium articles:

New hires

1) Shawn Tjang — User Experience Brand Specialist

Shawn takes complex technical ideas and distills them into user-friendly visuals with the end goal of improving user experience. He studied Communication Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and has a background loaded with qualitative marketing research and graphic design projects, centered around simplifying consumer experience.

Community Engagement

UNICON 2018 — National University of Singapore

Over the weekend, Shaun joined Gaurang (CEO of Indorse) and TN Lee (Head of Business Development at Kyber) in a panel around the topic of “the future of blockchains and crypto”. Despite the fact it was held on a Sunday morning, a group of approximately 150 students turned up and asked questions ranging from the business viability of blockchain-powered technology to reasons around the much talked scalability aspect of cryptocurrencies. We have always believed that academia has a big role to play in inspiring new talent into the space, and regularly look to partner educational and research institutions in promoting growth in this space.

The Ethereum Singapore meetup organising team took a break over the Lunar New Year and will be resuming our activities this coming week. Do keep a lookout for keynotes this week from projects such as Aelf Blockchain, Cloud Moolah and Sentinel Protocol.

Any real-time community channels and lines that I can get access to, which are governed by the Official Digix Team?

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