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Digix Dev Update — 16 Jan 2018 — Audit Updates, Dekrypt Capital, SGInnovate, Meetups

Tech Development

Draft Code Audit Published:

Attached is the draft audit report we received in December with the relevant fixes that our team has worked on over the past 2 weeks. All fixes have been made and submitted for review.

Draft Audit Report

Response and fixes to Draft Audit Report

New Alchemy has estimated that they will be providing the final report in the next two weeks for our Core 2 contracts. We will have it published with any fixes required when ready.

Judging from the initial draft reports, there should not be any breaking or major changes to our Core 2 contracts and we look forward to launch in Q1 2018.

Business Development

Dekrypt Capital, the founders behind Blockchain @ Berkeley, are in town this week for a series of meetings with the local community. We caught up with them and shared ideas on scaling issues of Ethereum, privacy-based projects and more importantly, established the good working relationships between the fellow DApp Companies in Singapore.

SGInnovate is celebrating their 1st year anniversary and we are doing a shout-out here to a great year of collaboration between Ethereum Singapore and them.

We hosted the first Ethereum Singapore Meetup of 2018 last week on 11 January, with ( presenting their unique proposition of having blockchain and AI collide for a dating application. There were an estimated 120 attendees, once again attesting to the popularity and large following of Ethereum Singapore. We are glad to have started the year off with a bang, despite the rainy weather in Singapore these days!

January looks to be a busy month for Ethereum Singapore, with five upcoming events scheduled for the rest of the month. We will be hosting the following:

  • 16 January: ( — a solution that automates trade execution and portfolio management;
  • 23 January: PolicyPal Network ( — a crypto asset insurance solution
  • 24 January: Tomocoin ( — a solution is envisioned to be a network of chains that will solve the scalability problem of the Ethereum blockchain;
  • 25 January: TenX ( — who is rolling out a card for the spending of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum;
  • 30 January: Electrify Asia ( — a proposed decentralised retail electricity marketplace in Southeast Asia.

And once again, the meetup page for Ethereum Singapore is here.

We also have many requests for meetups coming through for February onwards, so here is to a good start for 2018!

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