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Digix Dev Update — 13th Mar 2018 : Getting ready for Mainnet, Kyber Network exchange, UI Improvements for Public

With an ETA of end Q1 for our launch of DGX 2.0, the Digix team provides an update on our progress.

Continual UIUX feature improvements

We have added functionality for Digix supporters to easily track the flow of DGX within the ecosystem. Users / the public now do not need to know solidity or the Command Line Interface (CLI) to check the amount of demurrage fees / transaction fees from DGX tokens. They can always do so to double check, but we aim to make it easy for the public to grab this information within our platform.

Public can soon track the DGX ecosystem easily on our platform

If you have any suggestions or feedback after trying out our marketplace beta, we are always happy to hear from you. The Digix team strongly believes that we can only make substantial progress by continuously obtaining and acting on feedback from our end users and community.

Do drop us a line or let us know through our community channels if you have any feedback.

Changing our protocol’s name from “Proof of Asset (PoA)” to “Proof of Provenance (PoP)”

We are changing the name of our proprietary protocol from “Proof of Asset (PoA)” to “Proof of Provenance (PoP)”, and will be using the latter in all public references henceforth.

We have taken this move to avoid confusion. Given that “PoA” as an acronym is commonly used to refer to the Proof of Authority consensus algorithm, we want to minimise the risk of readers and users mistaking our protocol for the Proof of Authority when we use the acronym “PoA”.

Since our protocol at its core addresses the issue of proving the existence of the physical asset (gold in the first instance for DGX 2.0) and the authenticity of its ownership, Proof of Provenance (PoP) as a name accurately captures the essence of our technology, while avoiding the confusion that could be caused by an identical and popularly used acronym.

There is no change in substance to the protocol and this renaming facilitates a smooth lead-up to the launch of DGX 2.0.

Vietnam Blockchain week and Seoul Ethereum Meetup

In the past week, KC was at the Vietnam Blockchain Week presenting about asset tokenisation, while Shaun was in Korea together with MakerDAO presenting about their products and synergies working together.

One does not simply tokenise assets on the blockchain
Q and A
Interview – soon to be made available
Seoul Ethereum Meetup with MakerDAO

Launch process update

We are working towards deploying our contracts onto the Ethereum Mainnet this week by doing pre-flight checks to make sure our contracts can be upgradeable seamlessly in future.

Concurrently, we are finalizing the launch details of DGX 2.0 and the participation process for our community.

We will share updates on the details, including steps for the user approval process and how many users we will be accepting in our 1st batch once these are finalized.

Please follow us on our community channels in order to receive first-hand updates.


We are working towards having DGX on Kyber.Network as the first decentralized exchange to offer our asset tokens against ETH at launch.

Any real-time community channels and lines that I can get access to, which are governed by the Official Digix Team?

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