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Bobby Beckner joins the team


Our next new team member is Bobby Beckner – a powerhouse IT systems architect and software designer with broad industry experience coupled with blockchain expertise. Bobby is already at hard at work on some of the next level developments we’re working on here at Bitquence.


Bobby brings over 15 years of experience in leadership roles for next-generation IT systems architecture and software design.  He has supported over 12 US Federal agencies and has spearheaded transformations of critical processes and systems within the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Recently, he served an advisor to several Private Equity firms within the US and developed a proprietary scorecard in measuring technological value, risk, and performance.  Bobby is passionate about the blockchain movement; he has written his own trading scripts and is an investor himself with a portfolio that achieved over 1000% value gain from June to late August.


I connect deeply with the humanitarian ethos at Bitquence. Making cryptocurrency more accessible is a mission that I am proud to support.


As you can see, Bobby is not messing around. Welcome to the team friend!

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