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Bitquence Adds New Distribution Partner in Asia

In line with Binance and Bitquence’ commitment to our customers, we are excited to announce the addition of Binance as a new Distribution Channel Partner. Adding Binance to our growing list of Channel Partners allows Bitquence to access Binance’s extensive global footprint, and grow the Bitquence base by providing their customers with a unique opportunity to purchase BQX Functional Tokens to secure access to the dynamic services offered on the Bitquence Platform. Conversely, by introducing our customers to Binance, Bitquence Community Members gain access to a highly dynamic platform and superior global service.

As we continue to develop and deliver on our Customer Acquisition Strategy, Bitquence will look to extend our Distribution Channel Partners over the next several months in alignment with our development timetable to deliver on our mission to make the daunting cryptocurrency market accessible to everybody, accelerating adoption of blockchain technology and democratizing finance for all consumers.

The following is a summary of the Customer Rewards Program of which Bitquence has committed 110,000 BQX tokens to be deployed as a result of our Binance listing.

Binance will add BQX/BTC and BQX/ETH trading pairs on 2017/09/22, 10:00 AM (UTC).  You can start depositing BQX here.

Top 200 BQX Deposits Leaderboard Reward Program

  1. Bounty (Top 200 spots) – Top 200 customers with the highest BQX net deposit* or BQX balance** at Binance, whichever is higher, will receive a 10% BQX Token reward, up to a maximum of 500 BQX Tokens, per user.
  2. Bonus Bounty (1 Top spot) – The customer with the highest BQX net deposit* or BQX balance**, whichever is higher, will receive a 10,000 BQX Token reward.

*BQX net deposit – Total BQX deposits minus total BQX withdrawals at the end of the program period.
**BQX balance – Amount of BQX in user’s Binance account at the end of the program period.

Program Period:

Deposits begin 1 day prior to listing activation day and continues for 4 days for a total of 5 days (1 day prior to trading + 4 trading days).

Program ends  2017/09/26 10:00 AM (UTC).

Reward (Bounty) Payout Schedule:

BQX reward (bounty) payments will be released within 30 days post closing date of the program.

Binance Details:

  1. Fees
  2. Rule

Risk warning: cryptocurrency transactions involve excessive market risk and volatility. Please make your decisions cautiously and with care. 

Thank you for your support!

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