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New Bitcoin Core Sub-Site is proud to announce the addition of a dozen new pages to the site about Bitcoin Core. Several of the pages describe Bitcoin Core’s powerful features, others provide help for Bitcoin Core users, and several make it easier to start contributing to Bitcoin Core.

Excerpts from's Bitcoin Core pages

Excerpts from’s Bitcoin Core pages

Both Bitcoin Core and have come a long way since the site began promoting the earliest public versions of the software. homepage, 3 March 2009 homepage, 3 March 2009 (Internet Archive)

These new pages give us a chance to introduce more recent Bitcoin users to the advantages of full nodes like Bitcoin Core, particularly how full validation helps protect Bitcoin’s essential decentralization from takeover by a handful of miners, Bitcoin banks, and service providers.

A Brief Guide to The New Pages

  • Bitcoin Core overview: provides a brief description of Bitcoin Core and links to the other sections of the sub-site.

  • Feature overview: briefly describes some of Bitcoin Core’s leading benefits and links to pages that provide more details.

  • Get help page: resources to help Bitcoin Core users find help. Prior to this PR, we also created and filled a category on the Bitcoin Wiki with all the existing Bitcoin Core help pages.

  • Contribute overview: links to ways you can directly contribute to Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Core users.

Future Plans

We plan to enhance this new section of the website by collecting together some of Bitcoin Core’s disparate documentation and providing instructions for important ways users can enhance their privacy and security while using Bitcoin Core—such as using Tor and an offline wallet.

In addition, we hope to provide more resources that help businesses understand the benefits of validating the transactions they receive with their own full nodes.

If you want to help, please feel free to email the documentation maintainer, Dave Harding.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who made these pages possible, especially the people who reviewed pull requests 1044, 1009, 1007, 966, 957, and 869 as well as the Bitcoin Foundation for their funding of the server during the time these pages were written.

We hope you enjoy the new pages. If you see any problems, please don’t hesitate to open an issue.

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