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Blockchain Capital Announces BCAP Investment in BNT

After the successful launch of BCAP, the first liquid VC Token, Blockchain Capital has announced it has committed to participate in the Bancor Network Token allocation event, taking place today at 14:00 GMT.

“We are thrilled to invest in such an innovative and thoughtful project as Bancor. What attracted us was first and foremost the team. With two decades of experience in end-user applications, a strong network of supporters and advisers, the Bancor team has exactly the kind of DNA we want to see more of in the Blockchain space to help bring the value revolution to mass market.” Said Brad Stephens, Managing Partner at Blockchain Capital.

BCAP was impressed by the strong consumer engineering background of the Bancor development team whose previous projects, MetaCafe and Mytopia had 50 million and 10 million active users respectively.

“Many teams today in the blockchain space expect to raise capital without building a product. We loved how Bancor spent over a year developing their MVP, put it out on their private testnet and used their own application and smart tokens to run their bounty programs. This is the kind of hard work we want to see before token allocation events,” said Stephens.

“Blockchain capital was the first to run up the hill and take the arrows on behalf of so many of us in the token space. We’re thrilled to work with investors who are pioneering the industry alongside us. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with the team at Blockchain Capital and to contributing to the BCAP token’s success as BNT grows.” Said Guy Benartzi, Co-founder of Bancor.

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