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Announcing The First Active Tokens in the Bancor Decentralized Liquidity Network

ETH, BNT, STX, GNO…A Network Starts With Nodes

Today is a special day for Bancor, when a dream years in the making takes its next steps towards a fundamentally new reality.

The first step was the Token Generation Event on June 12, 2017 which aggregated support and resources from around the world to realize the vision of an automated liquidity network that could unlock the gates of innovation for millions of token creators big and small.

The second step, a week later, was activating BNT, Bancor Network Token, the world’s first Bancor-compliant Smart Token. Its held Ethereum balance allows it to be autonomously converted to and from ETH anytime, directly through its smart contract, without reliance on an order book and with no (human) counter-party to trade with.

The third step, in late September, was launching a basic user interface which would allow a larger audience of buyers and sellers to more easily convert BNT to and from ETH through a Web App rather than between wallets in a multi-step and somewhat technical process.

Today we are excited to share a fourth and significant step, the integration of the first additional tokens into the liquidity network using the open source Bancor protocol. As of today, users can also convert STX (Stox) and GNO (Gnosis) along with BNT and ETH, directly between smart contracts, outside of exchanges, using a simple Web App in conjunction with popular Web3 wallets such as MetaMask, Parity or Mist. While these products aren’t perfected, they are a tremendous step forward from what’s possible today, and a great harbinger of what’s to come.

Check out the new token conversion options at

If you’ve got an existing ERC20 token or are launching a new one, contact us to learn more about how integrating the Bancor protocol can provide your token holders with continuous, on-chain liquidity. [email protected]

A network starts with nodes. We welcome these and the many more that will follow to a new world of liquidity now.

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