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Forecast Foundation: Hiring A Senior UI/UX Designer

The Forecast Foundation is hiring a senior UI/UX designer. This is a remote, full-time position for a UI/UX designer who is very self-directed and eager to think through and solve tough problems.

Who We Are
We’re a fully remote team of about 15 people dedicated to building, developing and maintaining the Augur platform.

What is Augur?
Augur is an open-source, decentralized oracle and prediction market platform built on top of the Ethereum network. Our target user base is experienced traders who want to bet on the outcome of future events. We’re preparing to launch Augur v1, “Buffett”.

Augur is developed and maintained by the Forecast Foundation, a not-for-profit research entity. This means that we are not driven by the need to monetize (also, we have plenty of funding). Instead, our goal is serve the community’s needs by building the best decentralized oracle and prediction market platform that we can.

Your Role
You’ll be essential to growing and shaping a product that’s currently in its first phase of life. We have a beautiful design done by IDEO’s CoLab, but it hasn’t been out in the wild yet. Once we launch, we will need plenty of iteration based on user testing, user feedback, and thinking through how to clearly communicate the complex concepts that underlie the platform. We’ll also be adding features.

You will be the only designer, though you’ll work in collaboration with the product manager, the engineering team, and the business lead. We’re a close-knit team here. That said, you will have a high degree of ownership over the design direction of the platform. We appreciate design, we appreciate expertise, and we know we need you.

Your day to day might involve:

  • Reviewing our current design for improvements
  • Discussing priorities with the product manager and business lead, including arguing for what you think needs to be a priority
  • Talking with the team to understand the requirements for a feature addition
  • Designing the user flow and interface for a feature addition or interface improvement
  • Reviewing and thinking through user feedback
  • Running user testing
  • Anything else that you think needs to be done


  • Based in Europe
  • 7+ years of experience in a design role, including a team lead or design director position
  • Experience working remotely; self-directed and self-managed
  • Demonstrated ability to take a high volume of information (like a trading interface) and display it clearly
  • Accustomed to taking complex concepts and translating them into a clear, easy to understand user flow
  • Willing to struggle with understanding complex concepts (really, it’s a frequent part of the job)
  • Proficient in Sketch

Nice to Haves

  • Experience working on UIs for financial platforms
  • Familiarity with trading terminology


  • Competitive salary
  • Employee health, vision and dental plan
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Expenses like conferences, travel reimbursement, coworking space, etc

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