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Augur Weekly Development Update — March 7th

We have received delivery of the final audit report, post fixes. The current plan is to publish the full audit report of augur-core early next week. 🎉

There is still some work ahead of us, but the contract audits are complete. Our team is still wiring up parts of the new UI, working on Augur Node, and some additional screens. After publishing of the report, we’re going to begin internally scoping out the bug bounty phase. Details will come soon regarding how it’s going to be planned and rolled out.

Augur Portfolio: Positions

The Forecast Foundation is hiring a senior UI/UX designer, and we ask any interested candidates to email us at [email protected]!

The white paper received a slight update, audit results discovered a few parts that needed to be updated or modified. The most recent version of the white paper will always be available at

We’ve have translators for most major languages now, however if you want to contribute, please come talk with us on Discord!

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