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Augur Weekly Development Update — March 14th

The big news this past week was the disclosure of the Augur Core security audit report. We thank Zeppelin for performing the audit and producing this detailed report.

This report was an umbrella for all the issues found during the four-month auditing period. Zeppelin had a team of ~4 working working on this. Our Solidity developers ran an audit in parallel (3 engineers), and we had two other independent firms also audit and produce reports on the first codebase iteration, LeastAuthority and ChainSecurity (Securify).

With the Augur contracts being complete, all our engineers are focused on piecing everything together and finishing the final UI screens. We plan on launching a bug bounty program in the next few weeks, which would be the first step in launching a bug bounty market. It will be a program similar to the Ethereum Bounty System.

We will have more on that for you next week. Also, keep an eye out for a new very soon!

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