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Augur Weekly Development Update — February 7th

While the contracts are being audited, we’ve been taking the time to groom the UI backlog and update our documentation. The docs are up to date with the latest contracts.

CoinDesk wrote an article covering our current status, security model, new white paper, bounty market plans and more. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it below:

We have a planned delivery date for the second audit report in about two weeks. Due to the nature of changes made after the first audit report, the timeline was extended to ensure nearly the entire system was re-reviewed. Assuming all goes well, we’d like to get these reports finalized and published publicly soon after final delivery.

A new landing page is in the works, and our researchers have begun working on some new topics since the white paper publication. If you have experience translating technical white papers and are interested in working on Augurs, please reach out to us!

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