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Augur Weekly Development Update — February 14th

We’ve released our third bounty for 1,250 REP, EIP-758. This bounty is for the implementation of EIP-758, and successfully getting it merged into either Geth or Parity. Details can be found on our bounty page: or the specification itself.

UI development on the reporting screens are underway. The charts and order ticket modules are nearing completion, which will finish off the trading page. A bunch of PR’s have been reviewed and merged, our UI tests are increasing in coverage, and the docs have been staying up to date with all changes.

Augur Account Screen

The Forecast Foundation is exploring hiring a full-time designer. A full job description will be coming soon, however if you have interest or know someone who may be a good fit, come join the #ui channel in our Discord or shoot us an email. We’re also still looking for translators for the Augur white paper.

The middleware team finished off a deployment tool paired with Augur.js, making it easy to deploy the Augur contracts to test nets and local private chains. The contract audit timeline hasn’t changed, and we expect more details in about a week and a half.

Finally, Jack will be speaking about Augur at Token2049 in Hong Kong this March!

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