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OKEx to List ARK for Trading! (and 75,000 ARK giveaway!)

We are proud to announce that ARK is being added onto the OKEx Trading Exchange. OKEx is one of the largest and most respected cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and has a daily volume of over $1 Billion USD (at the time this article was written).

The official trading pairs at the time of listing will be:


OKEx will be opening ARK wallets for deposits on Dec 20, 2017 at 16:00(Hong Kong Time)

75,000 ARK Giveaway!

We also proudly announce the OKEx listing 3 Stage FREE ARK Giveaway.

STAGE 1: (25,000 ARK)

OKEx users who follow OKEx throughout social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Weixin) will receive a code. With this code OKEx users can join the free ARK airdrop lucky draw game on WeChat for a chance to win free ARK tokens. For more info follow OKEx on social media.

STAGE 2: (25,000 ARK)

Register a new OKEx account and get free ARK. Only Verified users who register their phone number and email will be eligible for this ARK giveaway.

*This is run by OKEx, ARK is not responsible for verification issues at exchanges.

STAGE 3: (25,000 ARK)

The top 300 Traders of ARK pairings on OKEx after 7 days of contest start will receive ARK:

1st: 3,000 ARK

2nd: 2,000 ARK

3rd: 1,000 ARK

4th — 100th: Will split 10,000 ARK

101st — 300th: Will split 9,000 ARK

*These numbers are subject to change. This contest and giveaway are run by OKEx. ARK has no control over the distribution, final numbers, or start date of this contest. ARK is not running this giveaway, nor can we answer any questions about it. This giveaway is scheduled to start December 21st, 2017. For all inquiries please contact OKEx.

About OKEx

OKEx is a leading digital asset trading platform, offering token to token and derivative trading to users globally. They currently offer more than 40 token trading pairs and 5 futures pairs. OKEx’s industry leading BTC futures trade has nearly $1.5B of volume a day and are widely regarded as the gold standard for the industry. They have served millions of customers in over 100 countries, with about 60% of users originating from China.

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