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New Partnership Formed: ARK + Blockport

We are pleased to announce our newest strategic alliance with the team from Blockport.

Blockport is a decentralized trading platform, which will be designed for both beginner and advanced traders. No prior knowledge of trading or experience with cryptocurrencies will be required when you use the Blockport platform.

Blockport wants to make it easy for consumers to access the same great tools as trading professionals but with much less complexity, and this goes hand in hand with ARK’s vision of simple mass adoption.

Blockport’s motto is: “Everyone should be able to trade cryptocurrencies”.


In the previous weeks ARK connected with the team from Blockport and a synergy was formed through our shared goals of developing easy to use blockchain technologies.

Blockport’s goal is to develop a robust decentralized exchange, which we feel is needed in the blockchain space. With all of the bureaucratic uncertainty that traditional exchanges encounter, Blockport aims to offer FIAT pairs for anyone who prefers trading directly with conventional currencies like EUROS but without the need to trust in a human 3rd party to control the funds.

Lars Rensing, CFO of ARK, will be joining Blockport as an advisor to smoothen the collaboration and help them with any questions needed for a successful venture.

In the coming weeks Lars will help determine exactly how we can leverage each others knowledge and networks to create a win-win scenario for both amazing communities.

More details about the content of the Blockport partnership with ARK will be posted in 2018.

To learn more about Blockport visit their website :

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