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Jeremy Epstein Joins the ARK Team as Marketing Advisor

Jeremy Epstein is boarding the ARK as marketing advisor to assist us in navigating the turbulent waters of the cryptosphere. Adding his hands to the wheel will help keep ARK’s heading true as we sail ahead.

Much of ARK’s behind the scenes work is about to come to fruition — and now is the time to help our current and future community members better understand all of the value of the the choices and investments we have made in the ARK Ecosystem.

If you are not familiar with Jeremy’s background, please visit his Linkedin. His extensive marketing and business knowledge is unparalleled, having worked with companies such as Sprinklr and Microsoft. We feel Jeremy’s passion and dedication to blockchain technology is a perfect fit with the ARK crew.

Jeremy’s Background:

Jeremy is the CEO of Never Stop Marketing with 20 years of international marketing experience. Most recently, Jeremy was VP, Marketing at Sprinklr which grew from a $20 million valuation and 30 people to $1.8 billion valuation and 1400 people in 4 years.

Jeremy is also a co-founder of Crypto Explorers, a leading community for passionate individuals collaborating to understand the decentralized future. The group hosts quarterly gatherings called “Crypto Valley Trips” in Zug, Switzerland. He also serves as Founding Director of the Blockchain Board, a brands-only, peer-to-peer networking group for the world’s largest enterprises seeking to understand use cases and implications of distributed ledger technology.

As a renown speaker, he has given hundreds of keynotes all over the world inspiring audiences of all kinds to improve their outcomes as businesses, teams, and individuals.

He is also an accomplished author publishing books such as, “Blockchains in the Mainstream: When Will Everyone Else Know?” (a collaborative eBook with 33 of the biggest influencers and thought-leaders) and “14 Rules for Successful High-Growth Marketing”

He is also the marketing subject matter expert for the Blockchain Research Institute led by best-selling authors of the Blockchain Revolution, Don and Alex Tapscott.

In addition to all of this he is a frequent contributor to Venture Beat, Bitcoin Magazine, and Distributed Magazine, as well as a regular guest on the Bitcoin Podcast and Cryptoverse.

His list of accomplishments goes on and his passion for technology shines bright. We are thrilled to be working with Jeremy and are just as passionate and excited as he is to show the world ARK’s technology and use cases.

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