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Hot Fix: ARK Desktop Wallet v1.4.1

Following the release of ARK desktop wallet v1.4.0 a few bugs were noticed. Some encountered an anomaly with their total balance under “My Accounts”(was showing improper amounts). We have researched and addressed this issue releasing a “hot fix” to curb this and a few others that were noticed. We have also updated Electron to the new 1.7.9 version due to a recently discovered bug to provide better programming practices and be up to date with latest framework releases (

Download :

Or press “New version available!” inside your ARK client.

In the span of under 24 hours we have also managed to fix these small bugs that were noticed:

  • Fix the opacity of navbar menu.
  • Fix black background occurring on some instances.
  • Fix virtual folders in dark mode.
  • Fix remove contacts.
  • Fix total amount in dashboard.

If you spot any other bugs please don’t hesitate to open GitHub issue:

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