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ARK Wimbledon Tennis Bracket Challenge — 3,000 ARK in Prizes

Ark crew member Khanh Vuong (thank you, again!) is sponsoring another tennis bracket contest with total pool prize of 3,000 ARK! Read the rules below on how to participate.

Prize Pool (3,000 ARK)

1st: 1,500 ARK
2nd: 1,000 ARK
3rd: 500 ARK

How do I enter the bracket challenge for a chance to win?

  1. Register an account with (third party site — not affiliated with ARK)
  2. Fill out bracket at
  3. Send an email to [email protected] with your “My Profile” link (example:, your ARK address (How-To generate ARK address?) and the total game count in the finals match (tiebreaker*).
    *Tiebreaker for example of a match 6:4, 4:6, 7:5 would be sum of all games played = 6+4+4+6+7+5 = 32
  • EXTRA BONUS : Anyone setting their profile pick to the ARK logo attached below gets 10 ARK bonus (should be done before you email [email protected] and attach your ARK address).

And that is it — let the best bracket pickers win! Good luck!

Need an image to spread this contest?

Have any questions regarding this tennis bracket?

  1. Join our Slack :
  2. Send direct message to Techbytes (Khanh) :

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