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ARK Traveling to Cambridge University — Hack Cambridge 2018

One of the goals of ARK in 2018 is to sponsor, attend, present, and educate the general public and budding developers via the most respected and known conferences + hackathons all around the world!

First on the list of hackathons that ARK will sponsor this year is one of the most respected and well known universities in the world, Cambridge University. The hackathon will take place the 20th to the 21st of January 2018.

Cambridge University’s, Hack Cambridge annual hackathon will bring together over 300 student hackers, programmers, designers and more from universities all over the world. For 24 hours they will scramble, build, break, and innovate to produce pop-up projects that may push the boundaries of technology.

As a GIGA sponsor of HackCambridge, the ARK team is going to attract new talent via presentations, workshops, demos, technical support, and the always popular swag.

(List of HackCambridge GIGA sponsors for 2018)

A few of the ARK core team members and community developers will be available at the event. We will be assisting in many positive ways including motivation and brainstorming with the contestants and to develop new ways to put ARK and Blockchain technology into real world usable applications.

The following ARK Team and Community Members will be attending HackCambridge:

Kristjan Košič — back-end ARK team developer
Alex Barnsley — full-stack ARK team developer
Karel L. Kubat — ARK community developer
Ruud Seegers — ARK community developer

Learn more about HackCambridge at :

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