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ARK Team is Expanding

ARK is delighted to announce our new full time hire, Oleg Shcherbyna, a 24 year old UI/UX designer and artist from Ukraine.

Oleg has been essential over the past month in crafting more unified images and designs across several platforms. You might have already noticed these new graphics on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. He is also responsible for new social milestone images, the new default desktop wallet background, and our conference table and stand design recently seen at the Fintech conference in New York.

Currently he is focusing his energy on the final touches of the new ARK website. Oleg shows boundless enthusiasm and dedication to the spirit that ARK envisions. There are many projects awaiting his expertise, and we are pleased to welcome him aboard as a full time crew member of ARK!

Let us all give a warm welcome to Oleg!

Since pictures speak louder than words here is some of his ARK related work:

Facebook / Twitter cover
Slack members milestone
Reddit subscribers milestone
Table for Fintech
Background for presentation

And if you want to look for some more from previous work he has done visit his portfolio pages on:

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