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ARK Sponsoring IoT Hackathon at Princeton University

The ARK team is happy to announce that we will be sponsoring and attending HackPrinceton. Major League Hacking’s Season 18 Student Hackathon runs from November 10th-12th 2017, at Princeton University.

Students from all over the U.S. will converge on Princeton New Jersey for a weekend of coding, hacking, cracking, and dreaming up the world’s next great ideas.

As a sponsor and a partner, the ARK team is presenting workshops, demos, technical support, gear, and prizes – even recruiting new talent for the ARK ecosystem.

This is a fantastic way for ARK to explore opportunities in hardware, and IoT is unarguably one of the future’s biggest applications of blockchain-based technologies. Blockchain and IoT are a marriage made in heaven. Blockchain enables and augments a variety of application scenarios and use cases for IoT. No longer are such possibilities just futuristic dreams.

The hackathon is also a wonderful opportunity to present our project to potential developers, makers, and enthusiasts – helping them better understand how things like IoT and blockchain work.

ARK’s blockchain technology is well suited for securing IoT devices with its lean system requirements and speed. Man-in-the-middle attacks may be eliminated in communications among IoT devices and control hubs by using the blockchain to authenticate all of the devices on an IoT network and its connection to the rest of the internet.

Data from IoT can be timestamped and logged with tamper-proof, decentralized, and redundant storage. Ownership of devices can be transferred, and permissioned access may be granted, validated, and revoked using the blockchain. Potential applications include manufacturing, shipping, storage solutions, environmental conditions, logistics, and device use and disposal. Everything can be tracked from start to finish for complete accountability. Whether for vehicles, spacecraft, or even nuclear weapons disposal, ARK IoT possibilities are vast and ever increasing. It is also likely that many more novel use cases will be presented for ARK IoT technology at the hackathon.

To get you started we have prepared guides, libraries, SDKs, available hardware and general resources, and more information about the ARK ecosystem that will help you during the ARK Princeton’s workshop :

What are some possibilities of IoT?

  • A private blockchain for driverless connected cars that enable secure and instant interactions from car startup to driver authentication; including the use of smart contracts to exchange insurance and maintenance/service information, and trackable real-time encrypted location data.
  • Certification of supply chain lines by improving the workflow and real-time visibility on the status of shipments, such as container contents, electronic documents, transit tracking, transfer/handoff of goods and other exceptional events (e.g. tracing famous Japanese beef to the local shop shelves; a certified and traceable supply chain line with a tamper-proof record of origin).
  • Building a campus mesh network of secure nodes relying on the ARK blockchain as a backbone for a fast, secure and tamper-proof platform.
  • Securing wireless science and industrial instrumentation and control networks from cyber threats while keeping indelible logs with an audit trail of their data and control actions.
  • Sharing a home or vehicle becomes a breeze to safely track, monitor, or reference anywhere in the world. Every day tasks — such as unlocking a door or protecting private property — become easily tokenized in a way that frees the user to spend more time on what matters.

Ark and IoT are opening up a brand new world of exciting possibilities; all using the ARK Ecosystems innovative blockchain technology.
The future has arrived, and we welcome you to board the ARK.

Ark-IoT: Decentralize Everything — Blockchain challenge

ARK will also be hosting a blockchain challenge for hackathon participants and will be providing prizes for best teams:

New ARK IoT logo:

Custom designed ARK IoT T-Shirts:

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