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ARK Recently Attended ToFinance Student Conference in Romania

ARK Co-Founder Stefan Neagu, recently attended and was a panelist at ToFinance student conference in Romania held on March 5th 2018. It was organized by ASER, a Romanian student organizational group.

The ToFinance student project was intended to introduce students to the financial and banking industry. While also facilitating new learning opportunities and supporting professional development in the financial sector through stages specifically designed for students.

Around 200 students from the Economic Studies Academy were in attendance. They were very interested and intrigued when the discussions turned towards blockchain technologies and how blockchain technology will disrupt the financial services as we know them today. The attendance was very active and the interest in blockchain technology was genuine, so Stefan will stay in contact with the organizers to see how ARK’s Point.Click.Blockchain vision can foster future projects developed together with tomorrow’s economists.

Here is a video of one of the panel discussions (it is in Romanian language).

With another event under our belt, ARK is following its goals to introduce ARK at academic and student levels to get them interested in blockchain technology and associate ARK with the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear the word blockchain.

For more info on ToFinance check out their Facebook page