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ARK Paper Wallet V2

The ARK paper wallet has been updated to match our current design theme!

With the ARK paper wallet you can store your passphrase offline as a physical document. You can also download the source and run it on an offline computer to generate a true “ARK cold wallet”.

ARK Paper Wallet version 2 now available at :

Download and run locally latest version :

GitHub repository :



Features and How to Use it

Create a new random wallet:

Move your mouse around the screen to generate random bytes that will make your unique ARK passphrase (and corresponding ARK address).

After you are done you will be taken to a screen with the information for your newly created ARK account.

You have 2 options to use your newly generated account (address and passphrase).

  1. Print — allows for printing and storage in a safe location.
  2. Save — creates a screenshot of the current page and downloads locally on your computer. Make sure to save it somewhere safe!

Enter a secret passphrase:

You also have an option to obtain all of the ARK account info (address, entropy, WIF, public key) by inputting your 12 word passphrase (note that if the passphrase is not BIP39 compliant it will show a red box and you will not be able to generate it).

Writing random non-compliant BIP39 stuff (cannot generate — red box):

Inputting normal BIP39 12 word passphrase (turns green after you write/paste all 12 words and can obtain account info) :

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