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ARK Marketing Update

ARK has big plans for the future. With everything we have already built, along with exciting new developments just around the corner, it is now time to start ramping up our marketing.

So you might be wondering what we have been up to regarding marketing. Let’s review current activity with an update of work going on behind the scenes…

Awareness Survey

We ran a survey of 4,000 participants and asked them about ARK — here are the results :

According to the survey 56% never heard of ARK (which can be seen as good or bad). Most responders sought features central to ARK (inter-blockchain connections and easier deployment tools for blockchains). It is reassuring that ARK’s focus is in alignment with the features users want. Now we must connect the two.


ARK is increasing its presence at conferences around the world. So far this year we have attended conferences in Miami, Dallas, and Romania. The next three are scheduled and many more are planned. Upcoming confirmed events are:

  • Token Fest in San Franciso (March 15 & 16).
  • ARK Con in France (March 20–24 mostly involving high ranking government officials, journalists and influencers, with March 22nd open for the public).
  • Consensus 2018 in New York City (May 14–16) definitely the biggest event of the year! For this one we went all out and are one of the biggest sponsors for consensus.

2018 will be a huge year for ARK! As we confirm our attendance to industry leading conferences all over the world, we will be sure to update the list. Watch our social media channels for confirmations of upcoming events.


We want to simplify our message so it is understood by a larger audience than those who are already familiar with blockchain and ARK in general.

This is where GoNarrative comes into play. GoNarrative is a storytelling company who is helping ARK streamline and unify our message, making it easier to those with little knowledge of blockchain technology. This will help spread the ARK message to everyday users. After all, people can relate easier to a well told story than a technical post.

Influencer outreach

We have been collecting contacts and names of well known and respected blockchain technology influencers/writers/content producers. We want ARK mentioned in articles discussing interoperability, developer platforms, ease of use and fast blockchains. We want to help these influencers understand what ARK is doing, by opening channels of communication.

If you are believe you are a key influencer/writer/content producer and want to learn more about ARK don’t hesitate to send an email to [email protected], we don’t bite.

ARK Video Test Campaign

Our video “What is ARK” will be shown to different demographics and developer groups to hone our focus toward these sectors. Collecting data will provide ARK with valuable information from a wider audience and help us on-board new users and developers.

ARK Community Videos

We are on the lookout for passionate community members to help spread the word about the ARK Ecosystem. To kick off this search, we are announcing a video contest with ARK prizes for best videos. Submit a short video with YOU explaining in layman’s terms: “What is ARK”. The best entries will be eligible for ARK prizes and a chance to become one of our official marketing employees! This contest will be described in detail in an upcoming post, DO NOT submit any videos yet!

Oh we almost forgot (not really đź™‚ ) — Jeremy has a surprise for you as well, a nice little marketing summary video:

By the end of this video you might be wondering and asking yourself — who the heck is Dave? More on that in the next blog post — stay tuned!

P.S. : In the near future, we will be expanding our marketing team. We are looking for talented and qualified people familiar with ARK’s vision who understand that progress does not revolve around hype and fake promises. If this is you, contact us at [email protected].

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