Category: Ark (ARK) Website Modularized & Internationalized website has now been totally rewritten (from plain HTML/CSS) into a Vue.JS website to be prepared for what the future brings (hint, it’s a lot). This brings better and cleaner syntax, modularization, and of course easier management of additional languages (if you don’t see changes CTRL+F5 to clear local cache). has been translated and is now available in 9 languages which include English, Chinese, Taiwanese, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Korean (not fully done yet). Japanese & Swedish are in the works as we speak and more coming soon!

Special thanks to Brian Faust, one of ARK’s community developers, for the massive help with transitioning to the new code base and all who provided translations for your preferred language.

To switch languages on the website, simply hover your mouse arrow over the flag icons located at the top right of and choose your preferred language. The website automatically switches to your selection (without reload) and remembers your selection for the next time you visit.

We have also created a GitHub repo for language files. If you spot any mistakes, see something that could be improved, or if you would like to submit a new language feel free to submit a PR. As we add to the website, we will also add new text to translate at the end of the translation files. This way you can easily see what hasn’t been translated yet. Website Modularized & Internationalized was originally published in on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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