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ARK: HackCambridge Recap

ARK sponsored and attended HackCambridge recently. The event took place at Cambridge university on January 20th and 21st 2018.

The ARK team at HackCambridge was composed of a nice mix of core and community developers.

Kristjan Košič — back-end ARK team developer
 Alex Barnsley — full-stack ARK team developer
 Karel L. Kubat — ARK community developer
 Ruud Seegers — ARK community developer

ARK’s mission is to get young programmers interested in blockchain tech and at the same time spread the vision of the ARK Ecosystem. All while helping the hackers build interesting things utilizing ARK’s blockchain!

Listed from left to right: Alex Barnsley, Karel L. Kubat, Kristjan Košič, Ruud Seegers

Ruud Seegers for ARK blog:

We started the day fresh, setting up the booth, providing the hackers with the necessary stickers and official ARK IoT t-shirts (as can be seen on the photos). We did not know what level of blockchain expertise we could expect, but after a short time the ARK booth was swarming with people asking questions about what ARK does and how ARK could help them building applications and services on the blockchain. In general, the hackers’ reaction to one of ARK’s goals of making blockchain development easier by providing a ready-to-use-blockchain was received with enthusiasm.

After the collection of swag, there were two teams interested in building their application on ARK’s technology. We were very proud to say they could start coding immediately, since ARK just released their ARK deployer. One team (the winner for the ARK sponsor competition) was implementing IPFS for a private medical blockchain where doctors could place the immutable, permanent IPFS links into a blockchain transaction.
More about their project can be read here:

The second team was combining facial recognition with blockchain to open smartlocks and therefore creating a two factor authentication. 
More about it can be read here:
We told them that if they would have any questions, they could always join the official Slack channel where the best community in crypto was keen to help them (they confirmed this after the hackathon).

Both teams mentioned they liked working with ARK tech and were eager to continue their projects after a well deserved rest. So make sure to give them a warm welcome when you see them around.

At this point we’d truly like to thank all four ARK representatives attending HackCambridge. You did a fantastic job and we have received a lot of positive words from attendants and other projects. But most of all, we would like to thank everyone at Cambridge for having us. We are extremely excited as we continue our hackathons around the world and hope to revisit Cambridge again soon.

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