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ARK Fantasy Football Contest — Chance To Win an ARK Branded Ledger

Are you ready for some football? Our true sports fan Ark team member, Khanh Vuong (techbytes), is sponsoring (from his own pocket) a new contest for all other football fans!

NFL 2017 season kickoff is in less than 4 days. Now is your chance to win some Ark token and Ark branded Ledger Nano S with ARK fantasy football pick-em and survivor pools. Both contests are free to enter. Follow instructions below to register.

  1. Register for an account at (If you already have an account with CBSsports, login and proceed to step 2. You can join both pools with the same account).

2. Once registered, join Pick-em Pool here: and Survivor Pool here:

A Pick-em pool is one in which every player picks a winner for each game and gets points based on the number of correct picks.

A survivor pool is one in which players select one team per week and are eliminated when their pick loses the game. You may not change this value once the season starts. So for survivor pool, one wrong pick and you are out while Pick-em pool you pick every week for 17 weeks.

Pick-em Pool Prizes


1st — 70 Ark

2nd — 20 Ark

3rd — 10 Ark


1st place — Ark branded Ledger Nano S

Survivor Pool Prize

Winner gets Ark branded Ledger Nano S

If there is a tie for 1st place in the final standing, random drawing will be done to determine the winner for the Ark branded Ledger Nano S.

Have any questions regarding these contests?

Find techbytes on Slack:

After that get in the discussion room here :

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