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ARK Desktop Wallet Update Version 1.5.1

ARK QR-Code Web Component for ARK Payments & Minor Bug Fixes

A New Desktop Wallet update is out! Featuring the addition of the ARK QR-Code web component as part of its protocol, and minor bug fixes.

Already the second wallet update this year, the newest version 1.5.1 is now available for download.

Click ‘New version available’ located in the upper left corner inside your ARK Desktop Wallet or download from the official Github release page: No need to uninstall as everything is taken care of for you during the installation process.

Let’s go over the various improvements:


  • Added support for the ARK Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) scheme [AIP-13].
  • Made it possible to access contacts / Read-Only accounts from Dashboard.

Bugs/Minor Fixes

  • Fixed voting with second passphrase enabled.
  • Fixed bug ‘Cannot set property ‘scrollTop’ of undefined’.
  • Fixed refresh animation bug which never stops if you have no accounts.
  • Fix username being truncated in sidebar.
  • Small typo fix in README.

A new web component (developed by one of our amazing core developers Lúcio Rubens) will be applied to generating custom ARK QR codes for ARK payments that follow AIP-13 URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) scheme proposal and protocol.

This integration will make it easier for merchants or websites to accept ARK as a payment. Giving the ability to call to open your Ark wallet and propagate the payment and transaction for you. Similar to bitcoin website payments, all you need to do is confirm and sign the transaction.

ARK QR-Code runs directly in the browser without the need for dependencies and can be used in any framework (React, Vue, Angular) and even in Vanilla JavaScript. ARK QR-Code is now also part of the protocol inside the ARK Desktop Wallet in 1.5.1.


  • Add a donation button on your website accepting ARK payments.
  • Request the specific amount of the product purchased from your e-commerce.

Eg. this component in your HTML will generate a QR code for your address:

<ark-qrcode address="DE6os4N86ef9bba6kVGurqxmhpBHKctoxY" amount="10.5" vendor-field="Hello%20Ark!" size="200" show-logo="true"></ark-qrcode>

Will generate this ARK QR Code:

However, if the user is accessing the website in desktop it will not be able to scan the QR code, so you can add a link to open the URI directly in the Desktop Wallet:

<a href=”#” onclick="openInWallet()">Open Desktop Wallet</a>
function openInWallet() {
const uri = document.querySelector('ark-qrcode').getURI();

URI = launch the wallet with pre-set parameters.
ARK QR code = representative image of URI, to scan with the mobile wallet.

Read the complete documentation in the Github repository:

AIP-13 URI scheme:

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