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Ark Desktop Wallet Update —Version 1.3.1

We did a quick update to address some of the issues that community reported with the previous Ark Desktop Wallet release (v1.3.0).

To update to 1.3.1, if you are running 1.3.0, you can simply click on the button saying “New Version Available!” in the left upper area beside the logo. It will take you to GitHub where you can download latest version.

You can click on this if you are running 1.3.0 and it will open GitHub page with 1.3.1

Or you can also go to the release page by clicking on this link below and download the latest (1.3.1) version for your OS:

Bug Fixes:

  • Sending ARK or voting/unvoting when 2nd passphrase is set, now shows box to enter 2nd passphrase.
  • Aligning the “quit” button/icon with other buttons/icons.
  • Memory leakage experienced by some from leaving Ark Desktop Wallet open for extended period of time has been fixed (there are still some reports of high memory usage after leaving Ark Wallet open for a few hours, mostly running on Windows OS. If you are experiencing this, for now. you can simply open and close wallet again. Please report any occurances at so we can eliminate all possible memory leaks in future Ark Desktop Wallet releases — thank you).

Features Added:

  • Option to see public key of your Ark Address.
  • Option to also view 2nd passphrase when entering (if you have it registered of course).
  • Updated version of Electron (Chrome / Node / v8).
  • New Windows OS installer.

If you notice any issues or see ways to improve Ark Desktop Wallet don’t hesitate to open GitHub issue here:

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