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ARK Attending and Sponsoring JSHacks

ARK is proud to be a sponsor of JSHacks “Bucharest Blockchain Edition”, a JavaScript hackathon in Romania — Bucharest, running from the 20th through the 22nd of October 2017.

This is the second large hackathon that ARK has sponsored and attended. The ARK team members that will be attending consist of Lars, Francois, and Stefan.

One of ARK’s main goals of this event is to present a blockchain workshop. François-Xavier Thoorens, ARK’s Head of Development, will be running the workshop and giving developers an insight on blockchain technology. This workshop encourages developers to become part of this fascinating technology, and make ARK more well-known in developer communities.

ARK’s vision in the long term is a vibrant community of developers and ARK core developers that work on open-source projects together, while growing the ARK Ecosystem and aiming to improve our everyday lives.

The goal defined by Bucharest JS Hacks is:

”To engage participants through social coding, knowledge sharing, networking, hands-on mentorship, workshops, one-on-one training, and presentations. At the heart of the event, you’ll find an unique social coding experience in which we’ll be tackling society’s biggest challenges”.

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