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Aragon Q4 Transparency Report

A recap of what has been going on with Aragon during Q4 2017

As per our Transparency Model, we do quarterly Transparency Reports of our use of funds and about the overall progress of the project.

Transparency Framework

This is our main transparency tool which shows our use of funds with human readable descriptions attached to each transaction.

All USD equivalents have been calculated by the price of ETH/ANT at the time of conversion.

Salaries in Q4:

October: 154.91 ETH, equivalent of about $43,994.44 and 1224.76 ANT, equivalent of $1861.64

November: 91.06 ETH, equivalent of $39,597.44 and 3667.08 ANT, equivalent of $8250.93 as well as 2.41 ETH, equivalent of $594 was paid to a contractor.

December: 84.63 ETH, equivalent of about $60,654.32 and 12,321.74 ANT, equivalent of about $5753.38

Expenses in Q4:

259.30 ETH, equivalent of around $90,831.46 and 2,356.02 ANT equivalent of around $26,268.06

These include business expenses, payments to a PR agency, conducting an audit for aragon-core and aragon-apps, payments to accountants and payments to a video production team. Included are also things like work equipment to team members, new laptops, office equipment, etc., which are essential for us to work effectively since we’re a fully distributed team, each working from a different location.

One of these expenses included us hosting an Aragon Meetup event in Helsinki. Henri from Streamr and Sami from TrueBit were there to present their projects as well, we had lots of fun and thanks to everyone who attended!

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